Literary map of Africa

West Africa – Nigeria

Abdullahi Tasui Abubakar

Without Mercy. Nigeria: Spectrum Books.

Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

Half of a Yellow Sun. London: Harper Perennial. 2007.

Albert Chinualumogu Achebe

Things Fall Apart. (1958; 1959 Fawcett; 1994 Anchor; 1995 Knopf; 1996 London UK: Heinemann AWS) Econo-Clad Books. 1999.

No Longer At Ease. (1960; 1971 London UK: Heinemann Educational Books; 1994 Anchor) Delta Systems Co. 1995.

The Sacrificial Egg and Other Stories. 1962.

Arrow of God. (1964) Anchor. 1989.

A Man of the People. (1966; 1967 Anchor; 1973 London UK: Heinemann Educational Books) Anchor. 1989.

Chike and the River. (1966) Cambridge UK: Cambridge University Press. 1989.

Beware Soul Brother and Other Poems. (Poetry) (1971; 1972 London UK: Heinemann Educational Books) Greenwood Publishing Group. 1990.

Girls at War and Other Stories. (Short Stories) (1972; 1973 London UK: Heinemann Educational Books) Anchor. 1991.

Christmas at Biafra and Other Poems. 1973.

Morning Yet on Creation Day. 1975.

The Flute. (Children’s literature) 1975.

The Drum. 1978.

The Trouble With Nigeria. London UK: Heinemann. 1984.

Anthills of the Savannah. (1987; 1988 London UK: Heinemann Educational Books) Anchor. 1989.

Hopes and Impediments: Selected Essays. (Essays) (1988) Anchor Books. 1990.

Home and Exile (The W.E.B. Du Bois Institute Series) (2000 Oxford UK: Oxford University Press) Anchor Books. 2001.

Chinua Achebe (with John Iroaganachi)

How the Leopard Got His Claws. (Children’s literature) (1972 East African Educational Publishers) Okpaku Communications Corporation. 1973.

Chinua Achebe (with C. Lynn Innes) eds.

African Short Stories. (1984) London UK: Heinemann AWS. 1991.

The Heinemann Book of Contemporary African Short Stories. Heinemann AWS. 1992.

Chinua Achebe (co-editor)

Aka Weta: An Anthology of Igbo Poetry. 1982.

Chinua Achebe (with Dubem Okafor) eds.

Don’t Let Him Die: An Anthology of Memorial Poems for Christofer Okigbo. 1978.

Chinua Achebe (with others)

Winds of Change: Modern Short Stories from Black Africa.

Chinua Achebe (with Robert Lyons, photographer)

Another Africa. Doubleday & Company; Lund Humphries. 1998.

Catherine Obianuju Acholonu

Into the Heart of Biafra: A Play in Three Acts. (Play) Owerri, Nigeria: C. Acholonu. 1970.

Nigeria in the Year 1999. Owerri, Nigeria: Totan. 1985.

The Spring’s Last Drop. Owerri, Nigeria: Totan. 1985.

Trial of the Beautiful Ones: A Play in One Act. (Play) Owerri, Nigeria: Totan. 1985.

The Deal and Who is the Head of State? Owerri, Nigeria: Totan. 1986.

"Mother Was a Great Man." (Short Story) Heinemann Book of African Women’s Writing.

The Igbo Roots of Olaudah Equiano: an anthropological research.

Motherism: the Afrocentric alternative to feminism.

Remi Aduke Adedeji

The Fat Woman. Ibadan: Onibonoje. 1973.

Papa Ojo and his Family. Ibadan: Onibonoje. 1973.

It is Time for Stories. Ibadan: Onibonoje. 1973.

Four Stories about the Tortoise. Ibadan: Onibonoje. 1973.

Stories My Mother Told Me. Ibadan: Heinemann. 1978.

Tunde’s Birthday Party. Ibadan: Onibonoje. 1983.

Tunde Visits Ibadan. Ibadan: Onibonoje. 1983.

Tunde’s First Day at School. Ibadan: Onibonoje. 1983.

Moonlight Stories: How the Tortoise Married the King’s Daughter and Other Stories. Ikeja: John West. 1986.

Dear Uncle. Ikeja: John West. 1986.

Frank Aig-Imoukhuede

Pidgin Stew and Sufferhead. (Poetry) 1982.

Funso Aiyejina

A Letter to Lynda. (Poetry) 1988.

Christie Ade Ajayi

Ade Our Naughty Little Brother. (Children) 1975.

Emeka and His Dog. (Children) 1982.

Toluwalogo Ajayi

The Year. (Novel) 1981.

The Lesson. (Novel) 1985.

The Ghost of a Millionaire. (Thriller) 1990.

Eyes of the Night. (Short story) 1992.

Images of Lives. (Poetry) 1992.

Motions and Emotions. (Poetry) 1993.

After a Bad Moon. (Short story) 1995.

Hauwa Ali

Victory. (Novel)

Destiny. (Novel)

Zaynab Alkali

The Stillborn. (Novel) (1984 Lagos: Longman; 1988 Dearborn Financial Publishing; 1989 London UK: Longman; 1990 Addison-Wesley Publishers) Addison-Wesley Publishers; Longman International Education. 1995.

The Virtuous Woman. (Novel) Lagos: Longman. 1987.

Cobwebs & Other Stories. (Short Stories) Lagos: Malthouse Press. 1997.

Zaynab Alkali (with Al Imfeld) eds.

Vultures in the Air. Voices from Northern Nigeria. (Short Stories) Ibadan-Kaduna-Lagos: Spectrum Books. 1995.

Timothy Mofolorunso Aluko

One Man, One Matchet. (Novel) London UK: Heinemann Educational Books. 1964.

One Man, One Wife. (Novel) (1967) Ibadan; London UK; Nairobi: Heinemann AWS. 1970.

Kinsmen and Foremen. (Novel) (1966) London UK: Heinemann AWS. 1976.

Chief the Honourable Minister. London UK: Heinemann AWS. 1970.

His Worshipful Majesty. London UK: Heinemann AWS. 1973.

A State of Our Own.

Government College, Ibadan.

Wrong Ones in the Dock. London UK: Heinemann AWS. 1982.

Conduct Unbecoming. (Novel) 1993.

Elechi Amadi

The Concubine. (Novel) (1966) (1973; 1978 London UK: Heinemann) London UK: Heinemann AWS; 1989 Macmillan Heinemann Education) London UK: Heinemann. 1997.

The Great Ponds. (Novel) (1969 London UK: Heinemann; 1970 Greenwood Publishing Group) The John Day Company. 1973.

Sunset in Biafra: A Civil War Diary. (Autobiography) (1973) Heinemann AWS. 1982.

Isiburu. (Play) 1973.

Peppersoup. (Play) 1973.

The Road to Ibadan. (Play) 1973.

The Slave. (Novel) (1978) London UK: Heinemann. 1987.

Dancer of Johannesburg. (Play) 1979.

Ethics in Nigerian Culture. (Essays) Heinemann Educational Books (Nigeria). 1982.

Estrangement. (Novel) London UK: Heinemann International AWS. 1986.

Elechi Amadi at 55: Poems, Short Stories and Papers. 1989.

Ifi Amadiume

Passion Waves. Karnak House. 1985.

African Matriarchal Foundations. Karnak House. 1987.

Male Daughters, Female Husbands: Gender and Sex in an African Society. St. Martin’s Press. 1990.

Re-inventing Africa: Matriarchy, Religion and Culture. Interlink Publishing Group. 1997.

Daughters of the Goddess, Daughters of Imperialism: African Women Struggle for Culture, Power and Democracy. London UK: Zed Books. 2000.

Ifi Amadiume (with Abdullahi A. An-Na’im)

The Politics of Memory: Truth, Healing, and Social Justice. London UK: Zed Books. 2000.

Ogbuefi Nwagu Aneke

I.N.C. Aniebo

The Anonymity of Sacrifice. London UK: Heinemann AWS. 1974.

The Journey Within. London UK: Heinemann AWS. 1978.

Man of the Market. (Short Stories)

Of Wives, Talismans and the Dead. London UK: Heinemann AWS.

Rearguard Actions. (Short Stories) Heinemann Educational Books (Nigeria). 1998.

F.M. Archibong

Boko. Nigeria: Spectrum Books.

Seinde Arogbofa

Nnamdi Azikiwe

Fidelis Odun Balogun

Tradition and Modernity in the African Short Story. An Introduction to a Literature in Search of Critics. Westport CN: Greenwood Publishing Group. 1991.

Ngugi and African post-colonial narrative: the novel as oral narrative in multi-genre performance.

Adjusted Lives. Stories of Structural Adjustments. Africa World Press. 1995.

’Biyi Bandele-Thomas

Death Catches the Hunter. (Play) Amber Lane Press.

The Man Who Came in from the Back of Beyond. (Novel) (1991 London UK: Bellew Publishing Company) London UK: Heinemann AWS. 1992.

The Sympathetic Undertaker and Other Dreams. (Short Stories) (1991 London UK: Bellew Publishing Company) London UK: Heinemann AWS. 1993.

Marching for Fausa. (Play)Amber Lane Press. 1993.

Two Horsemen. (Play) Amber Lane Press. 1994.

Resurrections. (Play) Amber Lane Press. 1994.

Simi Bedford

Yoruba Girl Dancing. (1992 New York NY: Viking) Viking Penguin USA. 1994.

Eleanor Smith Bowen (Laura Bohannan)

Shakespeare in the Bush.

Return to Laughter. (Novel) (1954; 1956 London UK: Victor Gollancz; 1964 Doubleday Anchor) Garden City NY: Doubleday. 1988.

Okey Chigbo


Andree Clair (Renee Jung) (French)

Bemba: An African Adventure.

John Pepper Clark (-Bekederemo)

Song of a Goat. Ibadan: Mbari Publications. 1961.

Poems. (Poetry) Ibadan: Mbari Publications. 1962.

Three Plays: Song of the Goat (1961); The Masquerade (1965); The Raft (1978). (Plays) London UK and Ibadan: Oxford. 1964.

A Reed in the Tide. (Poetry) London UK: Longmans Green. 1965.

Ozidi (early 1960s). (Play) (1966)

Casualties: Poems 1966-68. (Poetry) Holmes & Meier Publishers. 1970.

The Example of Shakespeare. Evanston: Northwestern University Press. 1970.

A Decade of Tongues. (Poetry) (1981)

State of the Union. (Poetry) (1985)

Poems. Lincoln University PA: Lincoln University. 1989.

America, Their America.

The Ozidi Saga. Washington DC: Howard University Press. 1991.

Collected Plays and Poems, 1958-1988. (Poetry) Washington DC: Howard University Press. 1991.

Collected Plays, 1964-1988. Washington DC: Howard University Press. 1991.

A Lot from Paradise. Malthouse Press. 1998.

Michael J.C. Echeruo

T. Obinkaram Echewa

Obi B. Egbuna

Wind Versus Polygamy. London UK: Faber and Faber. 1964.

The Anthill. London UK: Three Crowns/Oxford University Press. 1965.

Elina (Wind Versus Polygamy). London UK: Fontana. 1980.

Daughters of the Sun and Other Stories. (Short Stories)

Emperor of the Sea and Other Stories. (Short Stories) (1974 London UK: Fontana Books) London UK: Fontana Mass Market. 1975.

Destroy This Temple: the Voice of Black Power in Britain. (Non-fiction)

The Madness of Didi.

The Rape of Lysistrata.

The Minister’s Daughter.

Black Candle for Christmas.

Cyprian O. Ekwensi

People of the City. (1954 London UK: Andrew Dakers; 1963 Heinemann) Greenwich CN: Fawcett Premier. 1969.

The Drummer Boy. (1960; 1966 Cambridge UK: Cambridge University Press) East African Educational Publishers. 1991.

The Passport of Mallam Illia. (1960 Cambridge UK: Cambridge University Press) London UK: Cambridge University Press. 1981.

Burning Grass. (1962 Longman; London UK: Heinemann AWS; 1990 Heinemann International Literature and Textbooks) East African Educational Publishers. 1998.

An African Night’s Entertainment – A Tale of Vengeance. (1962 Lagos: African Universities Press) John Murray. 1996.

Beautiful Feathers. (Novel) London UK: Hutchinson. 1963.

Iska. (1966 London UK: Hutchinson) Nigeria: Spectrum Books; African Books Collective. 1991.

Trouble in Form Six. (Novel) London UK: Cambridge University Press. 1966.

Lokotown and Other Stories. (Short Stories) (1966) London UK: Heinemann. 1969.

Jagua Nana. (1961 London UK: Hutchinson; 1963 London UK: Hutchinson; 1969 Greenwich CN: Fawcett Premier; 1979, 1981, 1982, 1987 London UK: Heinemann International Literature and Textbooks) London UK: Heinemann International Literature and Textbooks 1989.

The Boa Suitor. Evans Brothers – Africa List. 1970.

Samankwe and the Highway Robbers. Evans Brothers – Africa List. 1972.

Samankwe in the Strange Forest.

The Rainbow-tinted Scarf and Other Stories. Evans Brothers – Africa List. 1972.

Survive the Peace. (1976) London UK: Heinemann AWS. 1988.

Motherless Baby. Nigeria: Fourth Dimension Publishing Company. 1980.

Divided We Stand: a Novel of the Nigerian Civil War. (Novel). 1980.

Restless City and Christmas Gold with Other Stories. London UK: Heinemann AWS. 1982.

Jagua Nana’s Daughter. (1986) (1993 Saros International Publishers) Nigeria: Spectrum Books.

The Great Elephant Bird. Evans Brothers – Africa List. 1990.

Gone to Mecca. (1991 Heinemann Educational Books (Nigeria). 1993.

King for Ever! (Children’s book) London UK: Chelsea House Publishing; Jaws Maui. 1994.

Masquerade Time. (Children’s book) London UK: Chelsea House Publishing; Jaws Maui. 1994.

The Red Flag. (Children’s book) Heinemann International Literature and Textbooks. 1995.


For a Roll of Parchment.

Coal Camp Boy.

Buchi Emecheta

In the Ditch. (Autobiography) (1972 Barrie and Jenkins; 1980 Schocken Books) Oxford UK: Heinemann International Literature and Textbooks. 1994.

Second-Class Citizen. (Autobiography) (1976 Allison and Busby; 1983 New York NY: George Braziller) Oxford UK: Heinemann International Literature and Textbooks. 1994.

The Bride Price. (Novel) (1976 London UK: Allison and Busby; New York NY: George Braziller; 1980 New York NY: George Braziller; 1989 Oxford UK: Oxford University Press; 1995 Oxford UK: Heinemann International Literature and Textbooks) Econo-Clad Books. 1999.

The Slave Girl. (Novel) (1977 London UK: Allison & Busby; 1980 New York NY: George Braziller) Oxford UK: Heinemann International Literature and Textbooks. 1995.

The Moonlight Bride. (Children’s book) (1977; 1980 Oxford UK: Oxford University Press; 1983 New York NY: George Braziller) New York NY: George Braziller. 1998.

Titch the Cat. (Children’s book) London UK: Allison and Busby. 1979.

The Joys of Motherhood. (Novel) (1979 London UK: Allison & Busby; 1980 New York NY: George Braziller; Oxford UK: Heinemann) Reed Elsevier (Mass Market); Oxford UK: Heinemann International Literature and Textbooks. 1994.

Nowhere to Play. (Children’s book) London UK: Allison & Busby. 1980.

The Wrestling Match. (Children’s book) (1980 Oxford UK: Oxford University Press; 1983 New York NY: George Braziller) New York NY: George Braziller. 1998.

On Our Freedom. (1981)

Destination Biafra. (Novel) (1982 London UK: Allison & Busby) Oxford UK: Heinemann International Literature and Textbooks. 1994.

Naira Power. (Novel) London UK: Macmillan Pacesetter Series. 1982.

Double Yoke. (Novel) (1982 London UK; Ibuza, Nigeria: Ogwugwu Afor) New York NY: George Braziller. 1995.

Adah’s Story. London UK: Allison and Busby. 1983.

The Rape of Shavi. (Novel) (1983 London UK; Ibuza, Nigeria: Ogwugwu Afor) New York NY: George Braziller. 1985.

Head Above Water. (Autobiography) (1986 London UK: Fontana Paperbacks; Ibuza, Nigeria: Ogwugwu Afor; 1991 Kayode Publications) Oxford UK: Heinemann International Literature and Textbooks. 1994.

A Kind of Marriage. London UK: Macmillan. 1986.

Family Bargain. (1987)

Gwendolen. (Novel) London UK: Collins. 1989. [Also pub. as The Family. New York NY: George Braziller. 1990.

Kehinde. (Novel) Portsmouth NH; Oxford UK: Heinemann International Literature and Textbooks. 1994.

The New Tribe. (Novel) (2000) Oxford UK: Heinemann International Literature and Textbooks. 2001.

Joe Emordi

Ossie Enekwe

Olaudah Equiano

Equiano’s Travels. (Ed. Paul Edwards) London UK: Heinemann AWS.

Life of Olaudah Equiano, or Gustavus Vassa the African. (Ed. Paul Edwards).

The Interesting Narrative and Other Writings. Penguin USA. 1998.

Life of Olaudah Equiano, of Gustavus Vassa, the African. Dover Publications. 1999.

The African: The Interesting Narrative of the Life of Olaudah Equiano. (Ed. Claudah Equiano) X Press. 1999.

The Interesting Narrative in the Life of Olaudiah Equiano, or Gustavus Vassa, the Affrican, Written by Himself. (Ed. Werner Sollors) W.W.Norton & Co. 2000.

Funmilayo Fakini

Funmilayo Fakunle

D.O. Fagunwa

Tunde Fatunde

Harry Garuba

James Ene Henshaw

Vincent Chukwuemeka Ike

Toads for Supper. (1965 London UK: Harvill Press; 1981 Glasgow UK: Fontana) University Press. 1995.

The Naked Gods. (Novel) (1970 London UK: Harvill Press) London UK: Fontana. 1971.

The Potter’s Wheel. (1973 London UK: Harvill Press) African Books Collective. 1993.

The Search.

The Chicken Chasers.

The Bottled Leopard. University Press. 1995.

Sunset at Dawn. (Novel) University Press. 1995.

Our Children are Coming. (1992 Saros International Publishers) Nigeria: Spectrum Books.

Expo ’77.

To my Husband from Iowa.

How to Become a Published Writer.

University Development in Africa: the Nigerian Experience.

Conspiracy of Silence. (Novel) Longman Nigeria.

The Accra Riviera (Short Stories) Oyster St. Ike.

Eddie Iroh

Forty-eight Guns for the General. Heinemann. 1976.

Toads of War. Heinemann AWS. 1979.

The Siren in the Night. Heinemann. 1982.

Without a Silver Spoon. (1981 Saros International Publishers) Nigeria: Spectrum Books. 1991.

Eddie Iroh (with Femi Arowolo)

Without a Silver Spoon in Cartoon. Nigeria: Spectrum Books. 1997.

Festus Iyayi

Duro Ladipo

Helene Kaziende (French)

Adewale Maja-Pearce

Loyalties and Other Stories. (1986 Harlow UK: Longman; 1988 Addison-Wesley Publishing Company) Dearborn Financial Publishing. 1995.

In My Father’s Country: A Nigerian Journey. London UK: William Heinemann; Trafalgar Square. 1987.

How Many Miles to Babylon? (Essay) (1990 London UK: Heinemann) Trafalgar Square. 1991.

Who’s Afraid of Wole Soyinka?: Essays on Censorship? (1991 Heinemann) Greenwood Publishing Group. 1992.

A Mask Dancing: Nigerian Novelists of the Eighties. Bowker-Saur; Hans Zell Publishers. 1992.

Adewale Maja-Pearce (Ed.)

The Heinemann Book of African Poetry in English. (Anthology) (1990) Heinemann International Literature and Textbooks. 1992.

Wole Soyinka: An Appraisal. Portsmouth: Heinemann; Greenwood Publishing Group. 1994.

Adewale Maja-Pearce (with Ursula Owen and Areyh Neier)

Index on Censorship: Cut Out of Africa/hate Speech. Index on Censorship. 1998.

Theresa Ekwutosi Meniru

The Bad Fairy and the Caterpillar. (Children’s) 1970.

The Carver and The Leopard. (Children’s) 1971.

The Melting Girl and Other Stories. (Children’s) 1971.

Unoma. 1976.

Unoma at College. 1981.

Footsteps in the Dark. (1982.

Drums of Joy. 1982.

Ibe the Cannon Boy. 1987.

The Last Card.

Pierre Eugène Meunier


Jean Moulin, mon ami.

Barriers. (Comedy)

L’insurrection de 1837 à Saint-Charles et le seigneur Debartzch. Montmagny: Fides. 1986.

La chirurgie à l’Hôtel-Dieu de Montréal au XIXe siècle.

Chinyelu: a Tragedy of a Doña Juana.

Rabéh and the Scramble for the Chad Basin.

The Praise Singer. (Comedy)

John Briggs’ Paradise: a Farcical Comedy. African Books Collective. 1992.

Sur les chemins oubliés. (Adventure)

The Comedy of Marriages. (Play) Nigeria: Spectrum Books. 1999.

The Last Slave Traders. Nigeria: Spectrum Books. 1999.

Zumji and Uchenna. Nigeria: Spectrum Books. 1999.

S. Okechukwu Mezu

The Tropical Dawn. (Poetry) 1970.

Behind the Rising Sun. (Novel) 1970.

The Poetry of Léopold Sédar Senghor. (Criticism) 1973.

The Philosophy of Pan-Africanism. (Criticism)

Chike Momah

Friends and Dreams. (Novel) 1997.

Titi: Biafran Maid in Geneva. (Novel) 1999.

John Munonye

The Only Son. (1966 London UK: Heinemann AWS) Ibadan: Heinemann. 1970.

One and Only. London UK: Heinemann. 1967.

Obi. London UK: Heinemann AWS. 1969.

Oil Man of Obange. (1971, 1977 London UK: Heinemann AWS) London UK: Heinemann. 1983.

A Wreath for the Maidens. London UK: Heinemann AWS. 1973.

A Dancer of Fortune. London UK: Heinemann AWS. 1975.

Bridge to a Wedding. London UK: Heinemann AWS. 1978.

Okey Ndibe

Arrows of Rain. (2000 Heinemann International Literature and Textbooks) Heinemann AWS. 2001.

Pol Nnamuzikam Ndu

Golgotha. (Poetry) 1971.

Songs for Seers. (Poetry) 1974.

Emeka Nwabueze

Spokesman for the Oracle. (Play) 1986.

Guardian of the Cosmos. (Play) 1990.

A Dance of the Dead. (Play) 1991.

When the Arrow Rebounds. (Play) 1991.

Martina Awele Nwakoby

Ten in the Family. (Children’s) 1975. London UK: Evans. 1977.

A Lucky Chance. (Children’s) Ibadan: Macmillan. 1980.

Quiz Time. (Children’s) Enugu: Nwamife. 1980.

A House Divided. (Novel) Enigu: Fourth Dimension. 1985.

Nkem Nwankwo

Tales Out of School. (Youth) 1963.

Danda. (Novel) 1964.

More Tales Out of School. (Youth) 1965.

My Mercedes Is Bigger than Yours. (Novel) 1975.

The Scapegoat. (Novel) 1984.

Flora Nwapa

Efuru. (Novel) London UK: Heinemann International Literature and Textbooks. 1966.

Idu. (Novel) (1969 London: Heinemann AWS) London UK: Heinemann AWS. 1970.

This is Lagos and Other Stories. (Short Stories) (1980 Enugu, Nigeria: Nwamife) Trenton NJ: Africa World Press. 1992.

One is Enough. (Novel) (1981 Enugu, Nigeria: Flora Nwapa Co.) Trenton NJ: Africa World Press, 1992.

Women are Different. (Novel) (1986 Enugu, Nigeria: Tana Press) Trenton. NJ: Africa World Press. 1992.

Never Again. (Novel) Trenton NJ: Africa World Press. 1992.

Wives at War and Other Stories. (Short Stories) Trenton NJ: Africa World Press. 1992.

Obiagbeli Nwodo

Onuora Nzekwu

Wand of Noble Wood. (Novel) (1961, 1977 London UK: Hutchinson; Heinemann AWS; 1963 New York NY Signet) London UK: Heinemann. 1979.

Blade Among the Boys. (Novel) (1962, 1972 London UK: Hutchinson; Heinemann AWS) London UK: Heinemann AWS. 1978.

Highlife for Lizards. (Novel) London UK: Hutchinson. 1965.

Onuora Nzekwu (with Michael Crowder)

Eze Goes to School. (Children’s) 1963.

Eze Goes to College. (Children’s) 1988.

Olu Obafemi

Nights of a Mystical Beast. (Play) 1986.

The New Dawn. (Play) 1986.

Suicide Syndrome. (Play) 1993.

Naira Has No Gender. (Play) 1993.

Wheels. (Novel) 1997.

Nigerian Writers on the Nigerian Civil War. 1992.

Contemporary Nigerian Theatre: Cultural Heritage and Social Vision. 1996.

Olu Obafemi [ed.]

New Introduction to Literature. 1994.

Eno Obong

Odia Ofeimun

The Poet Lied. (Poetry) 1980.

A Handle for the Flutist and Other Poems. (Poetry) 1986.

Under African Skies. (Poetry) 1990.

The Poet Lied and Other Poems. (Poetry)

Olu Oguibe

A Song from Exile. (Poetry) 1990)

A Gathering Fear. (Poetry) 1992.

Songs for Catalina. (Poetry) 1994.

(Interview with Pitika Ntuli) The Battle for South Africa’s Mind: Towards a Post-Apartheid Culture. 1995.

Olu Oguibe [ed.]

Sojourners: New Writing by Africans in Britain. 1994.

Molara Ogundipe-Leslie

Sew the Old Days. (Poetry) 1985.

Re-Creating Ourselves: African Women & Critical Transformations. Trenton NJ: Africa World Press. 1994.

Chikwenye Okonjo Ogunyemi

Africa Wo/Man Palava: The Nigerian Novel by Women. University of Chicago Press. 1995.

Wale Ogunyemi

Business Headache. (Play) 1966.

Eshu Elegbara. (Play) 1970.

Obaluaye. (Play) 1972.

The Divorce. (Play) 1977.

Eniyan. (Play) 1987.

Partners in Business. (Play) 1991.

Tanure Ojaide

Children of Iroko. (Poetry) 1973.

Labyrinths of the Delta. (Poetry) 1986.

The Eagle’s Vision. (Poetry) 1987.

The Endless Song. (Poetry) 1989.

The Fate of Vultures and Other Poems. (Poetry) 1990.

The Blood of Peace. (Poetry) 1991.

Invoking the Warrior God. (Poetry) 1995.

Cannons for the Brave. (Poetry) 1995.

Daydream of Ants. (Poetry) 1995.

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Great Boys: An African Childhood. (Memoir) 1998.

Gabriel Okara

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Oladejo Okediji

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Running After Riches. (Play) Ibadan, Nigeria: Spectrum Books. 1999.

Christopher Okigbo

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Silences. 1965.

Path of Thunder. 1968.

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Collected Poems. (Poetry). 1986.

John Okigbo

Akomaye Oko

Clouds. (Poetry) 1992.

The Cynic. (Play) 1992.

The Tragic Paradox: A Study of Wole Soyinka and His Works. 1992.

Onookome Okome

Pendants. (Poetry) 1993.

Onookome Okome [with Jonathan Haynes]

Cinema and Social Change in West Africa. 1995.

Ifeoma Okoye

The Adventures of Tulu the Little Monkey. Enugu, Nigeria: Flora Nwapa. 1980.

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